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Hey, welcome to my porfolio, my name is Justin Luttman. I spent most of my early life working in the food service industry, starting as an entry level employee but quickly moving up to a crew leader after being recognized as a strong employee. From this I gained many soft skills, such as knowing the importance of customer service, learning to deal with difficult situations while keeping a level head, quick thinking and problem solving, and many other useful abilities in any proffesional environment.

Though, after some time working there, i become dissatisfied with the field i was in and longed to be in the technical industry that i had always hoped to break into. Thus, i found the Centriq training program and am currently studying at one of their state-of-the-art facilites. With a class of like-minded individuals and a fast paced learning environment, i have been able to excell in the field and will continue to learn as i go through.

I urge you and would appreciate it if you took a moment to look over my site, and i hope you enjoy what you find. Feel free to contact me with the form given on my contact page, and i thank you for your time!

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