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Hi! Welcome to my portfolio site, my name is Justin Luttman. I spent my time in high school working in the food service industry, starting as an entry level employee but quickly moving up to a crew leader after being recognized as a strong employee. From this I gained many soft skills, such as knowing the importance of customer service, learning to deal with difficult situations while keeping a level head, quick thinking and problem solving, along with many other useful abilities in any professional environment.

Though after some time working there, due to my lifelong passion for technology and a drive to further my knowledge within that field, I decided it was time for a change. Thus, I found the Centriq training program and have just finished studying at one of their state-of-the-art facilities. With a class of like-minded individuals and a fast-paced learning environment, I was been able to excel in the field and will continue to learn as I move on.

I urge you, and would appreciate it, if you took a moment to look over my site and I hope you enjoy what you find. Feel free to contact me with the form given on my contact page, and I thank you for your time!

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